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Prayer – Iqama

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Dawn3:44 AM
Fajr4:04 AM
Dhuhr1:30 PM
Asr6:30 PM
Maghrib Iqamah8:28 PM
Isha10:15 PM

Friday Prayers - Jumu'ah

1st Khutbah1:10 PM
2nd Khutbah2:10 PM

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Ramadan Kareem

Assalamu-alaikum (peace be upon you),


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Based on ICN’s policy of global moon sighting and since the new moon of Ramadan was not sighted anywhere in the world, we shall be completing 30 days of Sha’baan in accordance with the hadith:

Narrated Ibn Umar: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “When you see the crescent (of the month of Ramadan), start fasting, and when you see the crescent (of the month of Shawwal), stop fasting; and if the sky is overcast (and you can’t see It) then regard the crescent (month) of Ramadan (as of 30 days)”. Sahih Bukhari

  • The first day of Ramadan will InSha Allah be on Saturday, May 27th
  • Taraweeh prayers will begin from the night of Friday, May 26th at 10.15 pm
  • Taraweeh Khatirah – a short lesson from the night’s recitation will be presented everyday 20 minutes before isha at 9.55 pm.
  • The timings will be the same at both masajid.

May Allah SWT accept all of our actions in this blessed month and multiply the rewards

Tahfeedhul Qur’an Program – Summer 2017

June 5th to August 10th 2017

ICN is pleased to offer a  Summer 2017 Quran Program. Classes will be held Monday thru Thursday at ICN  Al Hilal, 2844 Ogden Avenue, Naperville, 60540, according to the following schedule:

1st. Period 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

  • L-1 Reading Qaidah
  • L-2 Reading Quran
  • L-3 Memorization

2nd. Period 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. (dhuhr)

  • L-1 Reading Qaidah
  • L-2 Reading Quran
  • L-3 Memorization

For more information on the program, please click HERE

To register for classes, please click HERE

ICN Launches Free Medical Clinic

ICN is pleased to announce the launch of a free medical clinic for the uninsured (ICNFC).

The founding members of ICNFC believe that access to health care is a basic human necessity. Our aim is to provide medical care to anyone without insurance, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. It is an all inclusive clinic where patients will be treated with respect and dignity.

We ask Allah (swt) to make this a successful endeavor for both ICN and the patients who avail these services.

Visit ICN Free Clinic Website

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Volunteer Tutors Needed – Click Here to Volunteer

ICN Academics is looking for volunteers for the following programs:

  1. Tutoring grades 4th – 12th at ICN Ogden in a one-on-one session Mon-Thurs between 5pm – 9pm.
  2. Peer-to-peer talk programs

We specially encourage the older youth to join and contribute to the success of these programs!

Current or former students with high GPA/ACT scores are encouraged to lead peer-to-peer talk programs and share their experiences and difficulties and eventual success with the audience.

If you are a motivated, hard-working individual looking for a place to volunteer in your own community, please sign up by clicking the link above!


Email academics@icnmasjid.org

ICN Condemns Terrorism

Click here for the statement.

ICN Ogden is a Muhsen Silver Certified Facility