Prayer – Iqama

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Dawn5:30 AM
Fajr6:00 AM
Dhuhr1:30 PM
Asr5:00 PM
Maghrib Iqamah6:43 PM
Isha8:15 PM

Friday Prayers - Jumah

1st Khutbah1:10 PM
2nd Khutbah2:10 PM

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News and Events

October 16th: Open Mosque Day

Islamic Center of Naperville invites you, our friends and neighbors, to our Open Mosque Day on October 16th from 1pm to 4pm. This is a free event.  More information in the flyer below.

Tahfeedhul Qur’an Evening Classes

Registration information and application form for Tahfeedhul Quran Evening Class is given below. Please read the program information completely. Return the completed form with fee asap to:

a) ICN Ogden office before 1:00 p.m.Monday to Friday, or
b) drop the form and fees in an envelope in the drop box outside the office at Ogden, or
c) hand it over to Br. Imran Baig at Isha prayer, or to Shaykh Ahmed.

Any question, please call/text Br. Imran Baig at 630-715-1220

Click here for Registration Information and Application Form

Girls Real Talk Series

Shaykh Rizwan’s Schedule

ICN Youth Real Talk Series

Summer Sixteen – Stories and reflections from our brothers and sisters who were guided to the light of Islam.

Girls Basketball Camp

ICN Condemns Terrorism

Click here for the statement.