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Weekly updates from ICN Board are posted here. For any question, please contact secretary@icnmasjid.org.

May 30, 2019 Update

  • A Men’s Lounge was created at the 75th St. Masjid by clearing a room in the East Wing and the sofas moved from the foyer to the new lounge. This allows more space in the foyer for the crowds to pass through
  • Deep cleaning of the ICN Gym done
  • New cleaning service hired for ICN Ogden
  • New 75 IN. TV installed in the Men’s prayer hall at Ogden
  • New speaker installed on the right side of the men’s prayer hall in Ogden
  • 248th Ave. Project Update
    • Initial discussions on floor plans have begun with the architect
    • Barakah Board has started reaching out to investors who had committed in the past to check on their commitment for the new project

May 23, 2019 Update

The ICN Board is pleased to provide an update on the Town Hall Meeting held last Sunday, May 19th. Alhamdulillah, the Town Hall was well attended and a number of questions from the community were addressed.

Here is a summary of the meeting and next steps:

1. The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) presented the results of the SPC Community Input Initiative and provided the SPC recommendation. Please click here for a copy of the presentation.

2. The ICN Board presented their recommendation for the items related to facilities

3. 248th Avenue Project
– The board presented at the Town Hall that after reviewing various options, they resolved to build a masjid with Full-Time School and a multi-purpose hall in Phase 1 of the project
– The Barakah investors who had committed to participating in the program last year will be contacted to determine their continued interest
– The Engineering Committee will begin meeting with the architects for the initial design discussion
– The Board will provide regular updates to the community with progress on the 248th project