Here to Help You Succeed!

Welcome to ICN Academics. We are here to help students in our community succeed in their education and achieve their academic goals In Shaa Allah!

Currently we are offering the following programs:

1.     FREE tutoring for students from 4th grade to seniors in high school in sciences, mathematics, computers, projects, speeches, you name it! Sign up today!

2.     Peer-to-Peer sessions where we recognize students who have in the past or are currently going above and beyond and shinning in their studies. We invite those students to come share their experiences with their younger peers.

3.     Volunteers to help take leadership within the ICN Academics program to help those who are facing a hurdle in school. Sign up today!

Our plan is to provide students and tutors a classroom like atmosphere with proper seating, whiteboards and dry erase markers. We will try to schedule an hour of tutoring per session per student so that we can accommodate everyone however if you need more time, please let your tutor know In Shaa Allah.

We conduct all of our tutoring sessions, workshops, and peer-to-peer programs at the ICN Ogden Masjid (2844 W. Ogden Ave. in Naperville). Please contact if you have any questions.

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Volunteer Tutors Needed – Click Here to Volunteer

ICN Academics is looking for volunteers for the following programs:

  1. Tutoring grades 4th – 12th at ICN Ogden in a one-on-one session Mon-Thurs between 5pm – 9pm.
  2. Peer-to-peer talk programs

We specially encourage the older youth to join and contribute to the success of these programs!

Current or former students with high GPA/ACT scores are encouraged to lead peer-to-peer talk programs and share their experiences and difficulties and eventual success with the audience.

If you are a motivated, hard-working individual looking for a […]