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Weekly updates from ICN Board are posted here. For any question, please contact secretary@icnmasjid.org.

May 30, 2019 Update

  • A Men’s Lounge was created at the 75th St. Masjid by clearing a room in the East Wing and the sofas moved from the foyer to the new lounge. This allows more space in the foyer for the crowds to pass through
  • Deep cleaning of the ICN Gym done
  • New cleaning service hired for ICN Ogden
  • New 75 IN. TV installed in the Men’s prayer hall at Ogden
  • New speaker installed on the right side of the men’s prayer hall in Ogden
  • 248th Ave. Project Update
    • Initial discussions on floor plans have begun with the architect
    • Barakah Board has started reaching out to investors who had committed in the past to check on their commitment for the new project
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