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The ICN Weekend School Program

• Islamic Studies, Quranic Arabic, Quran and Arabic Language

• Qirat Competition, Islamic Quiz Bowl

• Community Service Projects

• Special Events and Field Trips (Educational and Fun Events)

• Salah Connection – a competition to motivate students to memorize the translation of salah

• Vibrant Youth Program with interesting learning programs – Guest Speakers, Interactive Projects, Independent Research

• “Pearls of Action” – a program to enable our students to practice Islamic beliefs in daily life

• Youth Board

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ICN Al-Falah Academy: 2019-2020 Registration now open!


Assalamu alaykum wr wb,

Registration for ICN Al-Falah Academy is NOW OPEN! Register your child for the 2019-2020 school year today! Pre-k through 7th Grade & Youth Program for 8th-10th.

ICN Al-Falah Academy is a Saturday Islamic Education program serving Naperville and surrounding areas. We aim to foster active Islamic learning in a positive environment. Our goal is to nurture imaan in young Muslims & enable them to become impactful leaders, inshaAllah.

Subjects Areas:

  • Islamic Studies– Seerah, aqeedah, fiqh, and hadith.
  • Quran– Vocabulary, makahrij, tajweed, and tafseer.
  • Connections– Project-based learning to make real-world connections and apply adab and akhlaq to serve […]

June 17 – July 10 ICN Al-Falah Academy Summer Camp

Assalamu alaykum wr wb dear Parents,

ICN Al-Falah Academy’s Summer Camp 2019 is coming up soon inshaAllah. Please register as spots are limited. We are excited to offer this program that contains important content taught in an engaging and fun manner. This year’s topics include Manners & Me, Khulafa, our Heroes, Duaa & Adhkaar, and Essence of Ibadah. Snacks will be provided. We are hoping to arrange 2 field trips for the students as well.

Just like last year, the AFA Summer Camp will also be offering Optional Enrichment Classes for an additional fee. These classes include Sweet & Savory Mania, Tech […]

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