ICN 248th Masjid Project


Assalamu Alaikum

The next Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) Meeting with the ICN 248th Project on the agenda is on Wednesday, March 3rd.

Here are the action items that we want from the community (ONLY If you have not done these before):

  1. Vote Support on the PZC Page as shown in the sample form below 
  2. Send an email saying why you support the project to:  planning@naperville.il.us 
  3. Encourage your friends and family to act – ONLY those who live in the neighboring areas
  4. Make sure every member of the household votes and send emails
  5. Please complete these tasks before 5 PM on March 3rd

Thank you

IMPORTANT: Please Vote ONLY if you have not voted before but every member of your family can vote. See below a sample of the vote submission form