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Membership Eligibility (as defined in the ICN Constitution)


Section 1: Members
Any Muslim who (1) supports the objectives stated in Article II, (2) follows the rules and regulations of ICN, and (3) has submitted the prescribed membership form and paid the current membership dues of ICN, shall be considered a member. The Board of Directors may revoke the membership of any member of ICN who violates any of the objectives stated in Article II or the rules and regulations of ICN.

Section 2: Membership Dues – The Board shall determine the amount and frequency of dues to be paid by the members.

Section 3: Voting Members – Any ICN Member who satisfies all the following conditions shall be eligible to vote in the elections as well as the General Body Meeting:

  1.  is at least 16 years old
  2.  resides within fifteen (15) mile radius from any ICN facility
  3. has been a Member for at least 150 days prior to the date of voting
  4. who has paid his/her current year’s ICN membership dues in full by five days prior to election day or in the case of General Body Meeting, has paid his/her dues prior to voting in the General Body Meeting


  1. To uphold the creed of: “LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, MUHAMMAD UR-RASOOLULLAH” [There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah (God) and Muhammad is His messenger] with a clear recognition of Prophet Muhammad as the Final Prophet of Allah.
  2. To establish regular Salaat (prayer).
  3. To carry on religious, educational and charitable activities in conformance with the Islamic way of life as prescribed in Al-Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad, the Final Prophet of Allah.
  4. To establish Islamic institutions and projects to carry on activities which achieve the objectives stated in Item #3 above.
  5. To teach and propagate the Islamic way of life among Muslims and Non-Muslims.
  6. To establish and maintain dialogue with other religious, civic and social-service groups in order to promote the understanding of Islam and to create goodwill among Muslims and people of other faiths.
  7. To provide guidance, help and counseling to Muslims, particularly youth, in their spiritual, educational, and professional growth.
  8. To organize any other activities that may be conducive to achieving the above objectives.