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ICN Membership Rules

In order to become a Member, an eligible person must believe in the aims and objectives of ICN, work towards achieving them, observe the rules and regulations of ICN, fill out the ICN Membership Form, and pay the ICN Membership Dues as prescribed by the ICN Board of Directors. The currentAnnual Membership Dues is $ 25 per person. Payment can be made online at ICN website or make checks payable to ICN and write “Membership” on the memo line. ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP (Extracted from ICN Bylaws approved by the General Body on 05/23/2021)

Members – Any Muslim who (1) supports the objectives of ICN (2) follows the rules and regulations of ICN, and (3) has submitted the prescribed membership form and paid the current membership dues of ICN, shall be considered a member.

Voting Members – Any ICN Member who satisfies all the following conditions shall be eligible to vote in the elections as well as the General Body Meeting:

  1. Is at least 16 years old
  2. Resides within fifteen (15) mile radius from any ICN facility
  3. Voting in General Body Meeting during the first six (6) months of the year requires members to be paid members in the current year and previous year.
  4. All new members should make their payments, only for the current year, on or before 30th June to be eligible to vote in that year’s election.
  5. If a continuing Voting Member from prior year, who has paid his/her current year’s ICN membership dues in full by 30th September of the current year.
  6. Voting Members from prior years who have skipped membership payments in the past — if no more than two (2) years of membership dues were missed — may renew their membership if they pay their dues for current and two (2) prior years in full by 30th September of the current year. In this case their voting privilege shall be restored.
  7. If more than two (2) years of membership dues were missed, their membership shall betreated as new membership as mentioned in (4).


  1. To become a Member, an annual membership fee must be paid and the Membership Form must be duly filled-in and signed. The Board shall determine the amount and frequency of dues to be paid by the members. Current annual fee, as set by the Board of Directors, is $25 per person.
  2. The check, money order or other form of payment must specify “membership” on the memo line.
  3. The membership runs from January 1 through December 31 of the current year. However, new members must pay their Membership Dues by June 30 of the current year to be eligible for voting in the Annual Elections for the Board of Directors.
  4. There shall be no family memberships; every person shall be a member in their individual capacity.
  5. The Board of Directors (using the Principles of Mutual Consultation, i.e. Shura) may disqualify, as a disciplinary action, any Member from participating in ICN activities for any behavior in violation of the core Islamic Principles.
  6. The Board of Directors may revoke the membership of any member of ICN who violates any of the objectives stated in Article II (of ICN Bylaws) or the rules and regulations