The ICN Masjid Al-Hilal located on 2844 W. Ogden Ave. was established in 2007 as an additional facility when the masjid at Olesen could not accommodate the growing community. Since its inception, ICN has expanded this facility to add 200 parking spaces, added classrooms and a full sized gym/multipurpose facility. Conveniently located close to the intersection of Rt 59 and Ogden Avenue, the facility has five daily salah, two jamats for Jummah salat and houses the ICN Full-Time School and the evening tahfeedhul quran program on weekdays. During the whole week, the masjid is buzzing with various activities ranging from dars/halaqas, board meetings, events by numerous committees, basketball coaching and leagues, special activities for youth and women, interfaith events, sports and monthly community dinners.