• ICN has been an integral part of the Naperville community for 30 years through civic engagement, community service, interfaith activities, and community building
  • This new facility will enhance the contributions of ICN to the larger community
  • Located between 95th and 103rd St.
  • Phase 1 – Mosque
  • Prayer area, conference room, offices, babysitting area, basement
  • 348 parking spaces

    This is the official page of the ICN 248th Mosque Project. Please read the FAQ’s for more details on the project and responses to the most frequently asked questions

    If you still have questions or concerns about the project, please contact us via one of the channels below. Also, please donate generously to the ICN 248 Project 

    The Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) Meeting on February 17th, had the ICN 248th Masjid Project on the agenda and here is an update:

    • The first 30 speakers for public comments were in support of the project and included speakers from ICN as well as supporters from different  backgrounds, including leaders of many faith organizations who spoke highly of ICN and our contribution to the larger community. Additionally, the votes in support of the project were overwhelmingly high compared to those opposed.
    • There was a detailed presentation by an attorney hired by the Tall Grass Home Owners’ Association who listed concerns related to project size, safety and traffic.
    • There was not enough time to complete the agenda item in last night’s meeting since there are many more speakers who have signed up to give public comments. The PZC has extended the discussion to their next meeting on March 3rd.
    • We have compiled all the concerns raised by the Tall Grass HOA’s attorney and have started discussions with our attorney, our engineering team and traffic consultants. The team is in the process of preparing a detailed response to all the concerns (although many of them have been addressed during this entire process). We feel confident that we will be able to adequately address the items brought up by the Tall Grass HOA attorney, inSha Allah.
    • You may watch a video of the proceedings by clicking on this link. The ICN agenda item begins around the 40 minute mark

        Video Corner