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Islamic Center of Naperville has revamped its Quran Hifz program with new methodology and approach, quality assurance and even new leadership. Al-Arqam Hifz Academy has been designed from the ground up utilizing best-practices that are customized for our environment. Al-Arqam Hifz Academy is now being led by our own Religious Director & Imam, Sh. Rizwan Ali. Sh. Rizwan will be leading the teachers’ skills development along the lines of some of the Hifz best practices. He will also, lead the alliance building with other Masajid in the Chicago Land to bring harmonized methodology & Hifz outcome which will improve the quality of our Hifz graduates insha’ Allah.  In addition, Sh. Rizwan will monitor the students’ Hifz quality to ensure the desired Hifz outcomes are met. We encourage parents to enroll their children in Al-Arqam Hifz Academy to keep this great act of worship alive and well in Naperville.