For more information, please reach out to a committee using the contact information listed below.


Category Committee Lead(s) Email
Services Religious Services Shaykh Rizwan Ali
Services Zakat Services Br. Shahab Sayeedi
Services ICN Free Clinic Dr. Atif Fakhruddin
Services Family Support Services Sr. Shamim Sufi
Services Revert Serivces Br. Shahab Sayeedi / Br. Abdul Ghani
Groups ICN Youth Boys Shaykh Omar Hedroug, Br. Abdul Ahad, Sr. Mesha Fakhruddin
Groups ICN Youth Girls Shaykh Omar Hedroug, Br. Abdul Ahad, Sr. Mesha Fakhruddin
Groups Girls Club Sr. Jabeen Shaik
Groups Ummahatul ICN Sr. Beena Farid
Groups ICN Women Sr. Jabeen Shaik
Education Qur’an School Br. Imran Baig
Education ICN Noor Academy Br. Khalid Ghori
Education ICN Al-Falah Academy Br. Kashif Fakhruddin, Sr. Alzena Saleem
Education ICN Rahmah Academy Sr. Rania Zeithar
Education Al-Arqam Hifdh Academy S. Rizwan Ali Alarqam@icnmasjid.orgĀ 
Outreach Dawah Br. Yousuf Siddiqui
Outreach Civic Engagement Br. Aiman Beg
Outreach School Districts Engagement Br. Rahman Khan
Programs Girl Scouts Sr. Saima Hasan
Programs Boy Scouts Br. Shaji Ahmed, Br. Nasir Shahab
Programs Cub Scouts Br. Ezra Bardeen
Programs Special Needs Program – MUHSEN Br. Farhan Shah
Programs Gavel Club Br. Abdul Rahman
Programs Toastmasters Br. Niyaz Mulla
Programs Academics Br. Idrees Qasim
Programs Career Counseling and Education Br. Razi Salahuddin
Programs Sports Br. Walid Mohammed
Programs Family Event Services Sr. Nazia Dada
Admin Membership Br. Shafeek Abubaker
Admin Volunteer Services Br. Zia Khan, Br. Arshed Aroos
Admin Communications Br. Farhan Ahmed
Admin Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Sr. Anjum Mohsinuddin, Sr. Rania Zeithar
Admin Fundraising Br. Wahab Khan
Admin Finance Br. Faiz Mohamed
Admin Election Br. Abdul Rahman
Admin Legal & By Laws Br. Ahmed Qadeer
Admin Information Technology Br. Abdul Rahman
Admin Strategic Planning Br. Ejaz Ilahi
Admin Dinner Setup / Monthly Community Dinner Topics / Community Events Br. Azeem Qayyum, Br. Rahman Khan
Admin Jummah Lunch Sr. Nadia Shakil, Br. Faizan Ahmed
Admin Security Br. Nouman Qaiser, Br. Haroon Shah
Admin Engineering/Construction Br. Anees Rahman
Operations Olesen Masjid Operations Br. Sultan Mohiuddin
Operations Ogden Masjid Operations Br. Anees Shaik
Operations 75th Street Masjid Operations Br. Syed Abedi, Br. Maqsood Qadri