💥💗❤️Assalamualikum wr wb our sisters in Islam,
Insha’Allah starting  Thursday 02/15 we are going to start the most special time of the year!!! Yes Insha’Allah Today will be the first day of “DAURA E QURAN 2024”
❤️We will be fulfilling the sunnah of Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW)as we build a stronger connection with the Quran (before and) during Ramadan insha’Allah.
💕We will go through the complete Quranic Recitation, translation & Tafseer One Juz a day and completing the Quran in 30 days ya Rabbi 🤲🏼iA!!!
💖I am requesting all sisters who are planning to join us please bring your own;
💥Quran with Translation / Tafheem ul Quran volume 1
💥Sticky note pad
💥Pens or pencils ✏️
for taking daily notes and points to ponder 💭
💝Looking forward to building Sisterhood as we experience Learning from Quran together insha’Allah❤️