Click here to Register for Eid

Jazakum Allahu Khairan – Eid Registration will be available next year Insha’Allah.

Please read these important instructions for Eid salat. Click on the jamat that you will attending for specific instructions for that jamat

ICN Ogden Parking
(Click Salat Timings for Parking Map & Instructions)

ICN Ogden Masjid – Directions
(Max parking spots – 400)

ICN 75th Parking
(Click Salat Timings for Parking Map & Instructions)

75th Street Masjid –  Directions
(Max parking spots – 200)


  • Please attend only the jamat that you registered for. Click on the Salah time button to review specific instructions

  • Please carpool, if possible

  • Doors Open 30 mins before the scheduled Salat. Salat will begin on-time Insha’Allah

  • Please display the Eid Registration QR Code on car dashboard

  • Please leave the parking lot as soon as the Eid khutbah ends to make room for next jamat

  • Please park ONLY in designated areas as shown in the map

  • Make wudu at home

  • Please follow instructions of the volunteers to make the flow smooth for everybody

  • Quiet room arrangements are being made for Special Needs. More details will be made available on this page shortly

  • 10:30 AM Salah at 75th Street Masjid will have the ASL Interpreter sponsored by MUHSEN. This Salah at 75th Street will be live streamed

    Jazakallah for your cooperation