Attention committee leads, 

In order to request a facility booking you are kindly asked to go through the following process that is designed to enhance the planning of events execution and prevent any scheduling conflict.

For Step 1

  1. If the time and date you desire is available, then kindly fill in your requested information in the event calendar tab of the Google sheet
  2. If the time/date or location are not available, then kindly seek another alternative 
  3. If an alternative date/time/location is not feasible for your committee, then kindly escalate this matter to your Board Liaison 
  4. In the case of the above, the Board liaison will have to reach out to the other committee’s Board liaison and come to an agreement over which event will take priority over the other. Once an agreement is reached then please fill in the Events and Countdown Calendar file 


The admin will require the above steps to be fulfilled before confirming any facility booking. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

Request ICN Facilities