ICN community is urged to participate in an Islamic Funeral Workshop on Sunday Feb 23rd from 1:15pm to 3:45pm at ICN Ogden.  Mufti Haroon Firdausi & Mrs. Haroon Sahiba will inshaAllah conduct the workshop.

Many important topics are covered:

  • What should you know about Islamic Funeral – at the time of death; salatul janaza; type of casket; burial procedure
  • What should a family member do when death happens? Who to call? What information do they need? Legal requirements?
  • Body preparation – who is responsible? washing the body; shrouding the body; prayers and exhortation
  • Funeral costs incurred – breakdown
  • Demo of the Ghusl process

This is a very important topic that all Muslims should be educated on. Looking forward to your participation.

– ICN Spiritual-Social Programs Committee