Assalamu Alaikum,

Jazakallah Khair to all of you for your continued support of ICN and especially for those who attended and donated at the Fundraising Dinner.

Alhamdulillah, the success of the evening was by the blessings of Allah SWT, through generous donations, and the efforts of all the volunteers.

The event was sold-out with over 750 people who were blessed with the opportunity to:

  • View ICN activities and experience the involvement of the youth
  • Get an update on plans for our facility on 248th street along with a 3D rendering view
  • Participate in naming the new facility
  • Enjoy delicious food, socialize with friends and above all be part of the annual event.

InSha ‘Allah our plan is to begin with construction late spring of 2018

If you submitted a pledge, please make sure you fulfill the pledge as soon as possible.

Action Items:

May Allah SWT bless the ICN community!