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March 1st: Revival Open House

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu

We hope and pray that this email finds you in a state of good health and warmed with Iman despite the cold weather. Alhamdulillah our youth program is excited to announce its newest initiative for High School girls: Revival. We look forward to the participation of our High School girls and the support of their families.

What is Revival?

We see revival around us all the time. When the rain descends on barren land, the earth is given new life and brings forth its beauty. Similarly, when the Quran descends on barren hearts, the spirit is given new life and the beauty of the human flourishes.
This is the spirit of Revival, ICN Youth’s newest initiative for High School Girls (and soon, Guys): an environment of beautiful company, engaging activities, and great food…all centered around developing a practical relationship with the book of Allah. The goal of Revival is to allow us to realize that the Quran is as relevant to all of us here in 2019 as it was to the Prophet (saws) and His companions, and to live in the shade of its beautiful guidance.

Revival will launch on March 1st at 6PM at ICN 75th St. for High School Girls and will be held every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.

There will also be a parent orientation on March 1st to introduce the program. Parents and families are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Registration is a must for all.

Please Click HERE to register.

ICN Youth

ICNYouth Council – Apply Now!

It’s that time again! ICNY is reopening applications for college students and young professionals who are interested in being core volunteers for our team.

Use your talents, skills, and passion to give back to your community and help solidify the foundations of a program that will benefit the future of our community for years to come iA.

The application link is below. Deadline has been extended to January 10th iA. Build for our future.

Apply Here

Exciting New Youth Programs – Calling All Middle and High Schoolers and College/Young Professionals

Assalamu Alaikum,

We pray that this reaches you all in the best state of Iman and health. Alhamdulillah it has been over a month since we have completed another beautiful month of Ramadan. It was a busy month of programming for the youth and now with the fresh start that we get after this month of blessings, we look to new beginnings for the youth program as well. Our youth have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to launch a new set of programs that provides something beneficial and relevant for every age group. It is our goal that any and every person who walks through our doors can find a program that directly addresses them and their needs.

It is with this mission in mind that ICNYouth is very excited to present its 3 newest initiatives designed and tailored specifically for youth of middle school, high school, college and young professional age groups.

Middle School-Heartbeats
Middle school is a time when bonds are formed, minds are molded, and the seeds of the future are planted. Our heartbeats program focuses on creating an environment to cultivate positive growth and foster the potential inside each and every single young person. The focus will be on positive mentorship, relationship building, and interactive learning in an easy going setting.

Meeting times have already begun on alternating Tuesdays, beginning from July 10th for the boys and July 17th for the girls. There was also a parent orientation on the first day of both programs. While there is no cost, registration will be mandatory to ensure proper accommodations are made. The registration link, as well as the program info can be found here and on our social media.

High School-Real Talk
High School Real Talk is back with a revamped format and a new team leading the way. Drawing inspiration from those who have come before us, High Schoolers come together to build bonds that can last a lifetime in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Whether its through interactive discussions, a game of ball or badminton, or going out to eat, Real Talk is the place to be and the place to benefit.

Girls will meet every other Saturday at 5PM while Guys will meet every Saturday at 6:30PM

College/Young Professionals-1439
What is your legacy? It’s a question that takes a lifetime to actualize and answer properly. Our newest initiative exclusively for college students and young professionals revolves around our journey of living the answer to this question. We look at our legacy through the lens of over 1439 years of examples and role models and shine that light into our modern context. We begin with Moments with the Messenger (saws), a deep and relevant look into the life of the greatest role model.

This is a program with a very different vibe: fresh juice bar, fresh fruit, calming incense, and a welcoming environment facilitating our discussion.
First meeting for brothers and sisters will be Friday July 27th at 6PM

We look forward to these fruitful and fun programs that will invigorate our youth and show them the importance of their place in our community.
Any additional information can be found through our social media @ICNYouth

With love and respect,
ICN Youth

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