Assalaamu Alaikkum,

Allhamdulliah, this year with the blessing of Allah(SWT), the generosity of our donors and the hard work of our volunteers, we had the best fundraising event in the history of ICN. It was a sold out event and by far the largest fundraising dinner gathering for ICN. This is a clear sign that our community is united and excited about the new Masjid Al-Nūr (also known as ICN 248 mosque) Insha Allah.

Please click below to watch the recording of FRD.

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While ICN’s Finance team is still reconciling donations through various channels, we have received a record total of $2.06 million in donations and pledges as of last night.

Next Steps

– 248th Project Team has already scheduled a meeting with the contractor and Engineering firm on next steps. Project updates will be shared periodically here:

Project Update Link.

– If you have pledged to donate, please fulfill your pledge as soon as possible – click here for different ways to pay:


– If you have not had a chance to pledge/donate, you can donate online using this link:

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– Most important, please always make dua’ for the success of this project.

May Allah SWT bless the ICN community!