Quran Khatam will be on Wednesday, April 19th (the 29th night of Ramadan) in sha Allah. Please note these important announcements with regards to the arrangements –
1) We expect packed crowds at all facilities. Cars would not be able to leave the masajid lots before the completion of 20 rakah. If you want to leave prior to that, please park outside ICN premises.
2) We will be closing the facilities once we reach full capacity.
3) We will have live stream of Taraweeh and Khatam dua (ONLY from Ogden) – icnmasjid.org/ramadan (Click on ‘Khatam Live’ at the time of the event)
4) You can download the translation of Sh. Ismail’s Khatam dua at icnmasjid.org/ramadan (Click on ‘Khatam Dua Translation’)