Alhamdulillah, we as Muslims, have some beautiful traditions associated with eclipses, like congregational prayer, but do not believe in any associated superstitions or wordly events.

When Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) young son passed away, an eclipse occurred, and some people tried to claim there was a connection. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) strongly rejected that notion and said the sun and the moon are two signs of God. They do not eclipse because of someone’s life or death.
When an eclipse happens, we are taught to glorify and supplicate to God, observe a special prayer as a community, and give charity to the needy. ICN follows the example of the ) Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and has held many of these eclipse prayers called salaatul kusoof. The prayer is longer, unique in style and very special. Given the sadness and direct impacts on our community from the genocide in Gaza and the blessed time of Ramadan overlapping with the eclipse, we expect a huge crowd to attend the prayer while fasting  today , April 8th at all 3 ICN locations .Please join us inshallah.